The center


We started our educational work in 2009, given the need for a mother to help others in the educational process of their children, giving life to a center where not only take into account the educational approach, but is also a meeting point for those mothers with a holistic approach to parenting, where the importance lies in the creation of an environment that cultivates and promotes the development of the child, offering a different space and having as main objective the development of the child through the motivation and autonomy.

La primera “Casa de Niños” en Roma.
On January 6, 1907, it opened the first “Children's House” in Rome. “It was like a group of children, savages, had not been found as the wild Averyon, in a forest between animals, but in a jungle of lost people beyond the confines of civil society,” stated the own Montessori.

We encourage an active education and custom, where the interests and experiences of children are the central pillar of development. Our work is interwoven with the development, family, and the cooperation of the families.

We provide the child with all the tools necessary to create your own procedures. Our center offers a climate motivator, in which the child independently and in groups construct their own learning by experiences in the environment itself, reaching their highest potential both on an emotional, mental and physical.

Our facilities are fitted with all the amenities and details necessary to keep your child in a comfortable and safe place in which to enjoy and learn while having fun; an environment prepared according to the needs of smaller ones.

We offer a prepared environment that covers the needs of exploration and experimentation of the children.

We work on the basis of the Montessori pedagogy, from the same small enhance their skills and abilities in an environment of game.

Our mission as educators, it is the training of people responsible and autonomous building in this way their own learning..

Our vision is to be recognized for our educational proposal, where the base lies in the creation of an environment that cultivates and promotes the child's development by promoting the individuality and autonomy of the small..

Nest house, is based on respect and love, taking care of each small, within a family atmosphere and warm, cultivating a common awareness of the process and of perseverance...