About us

We encourage active and personalized education.

Casa Nido Montessori is a Montessori Pedagogy Center, which is approved by Montessori International. It is important to note that the Montessori approach does not align with the traditional definition of nursery or nursery school, as it is based on a specific pedagogical method that differs from conventional education. Our institution is committed to Montessori teaching, which focuses on the comprehensive development of the child, promoting autonomy, exploration and learning through practical experience.

English Speaking

Casa Nido Montessori promotes the use of the English language as a fundamental part of our educational proposal. This language immersion aims to offer children the opportunity to develop bilingual skills from an early age, which is one of the distinctive characteristics of our center.

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You cannot be free if you are not independent.

Maria Montessori

We work based on Montessori Pedagogy, from which the little ones will enhance their skills and abilities in a game environment.

Our Mission As Educators Is The Training Of Responsible And Autonomous People, Thus Building Their Own Learning..

Casa Nido Montessori

We began our pedagogical work in 2009, given the need of a mother to help others in the educational process of their children, giving life to a center where not only the educational approach was taken into account, but it was also a meeting point for those mothers with a holistic approach to parenting, where the importance lies in creating an environment that cultivates and encourages the child's development, offering a different space and having the child's development through motivation and autonomy as their main objective.